Phase 1 —100% Complete

The County hosted several public meetings to gain public input on concerns with existing regulations and establish objectives. A final report summarizing the input received can be accessed here.

Phase 2 — 100% Complete

The project team developed strategies to address the comments received in Phase 1 and improve the SMO. The final Phase 2 Report can be found here.

Phase 3 & 4 — 50% Complete

The final phases include rewriting the SMO, using the strategies developed in Phase 2, and the ultimate adoption of the Ordinance by McHenry County.

Latest Update

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December 26, 2013 ·

On December 4, a joint sub-committee of the Stormwater Management Commission and the Natural and Environmental Resources Committee approved Baxter & Woodman’s Phase 2 Report, with further clarification by FEMA requested regarding Key Strategy 6.  The Phase 2 Report is available here.  Now the project team has begun Phase 3, which involves drafting the revised Ordinance according to the strategies developed in Phase 2.  A draft of the revised Ordinance is expected to be available for review in March.

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